Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcoming the Night from Oct 4th

There is no better place to watch darkness come across the city than from the Central Park Resevoir. If you time it just right you can watch the sunset and the colors splash across the sky over the west side of the city as you run up the straight away along east drive between 88th and 94th st. As you turn to and run across the northern edge of the water you can see the colors reflected in the water as the light of the city turn on and slowly get brighter. The glow of Times Square becomes visible to the south and the buildings on the East side glow the color of the sunset as you make your way south along the West side of the resevoir. If I can't be relaxing on a boat when the sun starts to set than your better believe I want to have my sneakers on my feet and my earbuds in my ears as I take in the city as I realize for all the dirty, smelly, unwelcoming things that happen in nyc, this moment is perfect.

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