Friday, October 14, 2011


Working in a school has many benefits. One of which is having all sorts of holidays off. Luckily school was closed yesterday and again today. I love spending this uncommon holidays enjoying the city as its so much quieter than weekends.

Yesterday I took a different approach and decided to get in my 20 mile long run so I could have a normal weekend with friends. I got started later than I wanted to but made it to the park just after 9:30. The first two miles were though. My body was sore and the weather was not ideal. A light mist with occasional heavier rain. None the less I toughed it out. After 2 full loops of Central Park I needed to change it up. I contuned around the loop but after passing lasker rink I exited the park on 110th st and headed over to 5th ave to tackle the hill that killed me during last year's marathon. Let me say, it wasn't much easier this time. I was hoping I to get up the hill with ease and use it as a confidence booster during the race in November. I guess I should have done it earlier in my run instead of waiting until mile 17, oops!

Just after mile 18, my head started pounding. I was determined to push on but I just couldn't shake this sudden killer headache. On my way down cat hill I started seeing major spots and knew I was in trouble. I was so close to 20m but I just could risk it so I say myself on a bench at the Boathouse, put my head between my knees, and call my mom. I figured I would chat with her while my body relaxed then I could walk home. 20 minutes later I wasn't feeling any better and wasn't really sure what to to. I was just over 2 miles from home and   I didn't have any money or my metrocard with me. I always pack both but today it just slipped my mind, go figure.

I called my sister to chat with her a bit and see if she had any suggestions since she's a nurse. She more or less told me I over did it and that I just had to rehydrate and rest. Great, I'll rest as soon as I get my butt the 2 miles home. When I stood up to walk to the water fountain I completely lost vision on my right side. I could see fine looking ahead and to the left but everything to the right was so blurry that I couldn't make anything out. She was still on the phone and thought maybe it was time to call my doctor. Stubborn old me didn't want to so she just staid on the phone with me until I made it home. Thankfully halfway home my vision came back but I still felt awful.

While chatting about work, her upcoming GRE, boys, and life in general we came to the conclusion that I'm an idiot. I wanted to get my long run out of the way but didn't prep for it. I just put on my shoes this morning and went out the door. I didn't hydrate properly throughout the day before nor did I eat my normal pre long run dinner.

When I left my apartment I thought I was doing a great thing but now I realize there's more to a long run than simply pounding the pavement. I've definitely learned my lesson and will be ready for my next one!

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