Sunday, October 30, 2011

1 Week Until Race Day

Bart Yasso at City Sports October 26th.
Last week was a pretty great week in my book. I attended a fantastic group run on Wednesday night at City Sports sponsored by Mizuno and Runner's World. Bart Yasso ran with us, gave marathon advice, and read from his book. Mizuno brought shoes and clothes for us to try on while we ran and Runner's World put together a great goodie bag with both their November and December issues, Bart's Book, Mizuno gloves and arm warmers, and water bottles.
Bart Yasso reading from My Life On The Run.

For the run itself we had the option to run either 3 or 5 miles in Central Park with group leaders. I ran 2 miles to the store and was planning on walking home so I went with the shorter option and am so glad I did. I ran with Bart for most of the run and got to hear more of his stories and general running advice. He spoke about races he's attended, how he fuels, and how he loves running at a slower pace since he ends up running with the ladies! I had to laugh when we were talking about fueling during a marathon. He said he always tells people "nothing new on race day" but that its generally harmless to have a piece of candy or two from the little kids along the course. Then after a few seconds he added "if someone is offering you a warm philly cheesesteak at mile 24 and it looks good, go for it. At that point in the run its not going to ruin you and if it tastes good you'll be so happy the rest of the race!" I know he was just joking around but it was funny to hear a guy like him suggesting a cheesesteak!
Saw this on my walk home.

They've already started putting up fences and bleachers!

I'm so glad I was able to attend the event and have my eyes open of other great marathon related events coming up in the next week.

On Friday I was on facebook after work and saw the Nissan Leaf tour was making a stop at the nyrr offices. They have a Breathe Easy tour going on throughout the city this week as they are the offical pace car for the race. Each day they stop somewhere new in the city and have giveaways as well as a chance to signup and win a car. They posted that for today's giveaway, the first people to show them that they downloaded the marathon app would get a NYC Marathon edition Magic Bullet. I've been debating getting one for a year or so now and when I saw this I instantly wanted one. I threw on my running clothes and jogged over to nyrr. I was a little too excited and was the first one there! It paid off though as a few minuted later I was walking back home carrying my orange and blue marathon edition Magic Bullet! Now I just have to decide what to make!
My new toy!

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