Friday, October 21, 2011

Jillian Michaels Podcast from 10/14

Jillian talked about the change of seasons and how hard it is it stay motivated in the fall and into the winter. She called us New Yorkers crazy for dealing with the temperatures but she was right, we get it done. She suggested utilizing your gyms fitness classes, stocking up on your fitness dvds, and using an xbox connect. 

"Identify your why and the how doesn't matter

What's the why? If you have that why to live for, you can tolerate any how. So why do you keep working out? Why do you force yourself to get out of the house? Why do you force yourself to try new things? Why is it important to you to stay healthy and be in shape? 

What does it mean? Is it better karma? Is it more self esteem? Is it waiting for summer to come around? Hitting the Bahamas? What is it? Write it down that list of motivations and post it everywhere so you stay focused. Then try to celebrate the things about the fall that are fun. "

Love her!

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