Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I finally had a chance to watch Five tonight. I recorded it on my dvr and haven't had much time to sit and down to watch it. I've been seeing it advertised for weeks and have been intrigued by the concept of 5 short films blended together. Oh and the all star cast and directors didn't hurt either.

From the Lifetime website:

The groundbreaking original movie “Five” is an anthology of five short films exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives. “Five” highlights the shared experience each short film’s title character endures from the moment of diagnosis, through an interconnected story arc that uses humor and drama to focus on the effect breast cancer and its different stages of diagnosis have on relationships and the way women perceive themselves while searching for strength, comfort, medical breakthroughs and, ultimately, a cure. 

About Each Film
Directed by Demi Moore and written by Stephen Godchaux, “Five’s” opening film, Charlotte, takes place the night in July 1969 when man first walks on the moon, and when a young Pearl (Ava Acres) is more concerned about why her family is not letting her see her mother, Charlotte (Ginnifer Goodwin), who lies in her bedroom dying from breast cancer. When she sneaks in to see and ultimately say goodbye to her mother, Pearl develops a lifelong passion to help others afflicted with the disease and eventually opens an oncology clinic where she will treat the women we meet throughout “Five.”Charlotte also stars Jeanne Tripplehorn, Josh Holloway, Annie Potts, Jennifer Morrison and Bob Newhart. 
In Cheyanne, directed by Penelope Spheeris and written by Howard Morris, sexy young stripper Cheyanne (Lyndsy Fonseca) and her handsome newlywed husband Tommy (Taylor Kinney) struggle to redefine their passionate relationship, as well as who they are as individuals, when Cheyenne is shocked with a breast cancer diagnosis. Looking at a severe prognosis, Cheyanne’s aggressive treatment ultimately results in the removal of both of her breasts, which have defined her life physically, financially and emotionally. 

Lili, directed by Alicia Keys and written by Jill Gordon, follows Lili, a fiercely independent, career-minded woman (Rosario Dawson), who recruits her sister (Tracee Ellis Ross) to help tell their hard-nosed mother (Jenifer Lewis) that she has breast cancer. As they work through their past issues, Lili’s mother and sister ultimately become her strongest allies when she needs her family the most. Lili also stars Jeffrey Tambor as a male patient diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Directed by Jennifer Aniston, written by Wendy West and told in a series of humorous and dramatic flashbacks, Mia is a survivor’s tale that highlights all of the highs and lows of Mia’s (Patricia Clarkson) two-year journey from diagnosis with breast cancer. During this time, she gives away all of her worldly possessions, holds a hilarious mock funeral while still alive and enters into a second marriage to Mitch (Tony Shalhoub), the new love of her life. Mia also features Kathy Najimy as Mia’s friend Rocky. 

In Pearl, directed by Patty Jenkins and written by Deirdre O’Connor, Pearl (Jeanne Tripplehorn), the successful oncologist we have followed from childhood, suddenly finds herself in the patient’s seat when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Through this process, she finally understands what her parents experienced that night in 1969 and finds the strength to tell her young daughter that everything is going to be OK … something she never heard as a child. Pearl also stars Patricia Clarkson, Tony Shalhoub, Jeffrey Tambor, Bob Newhart, Rosario Dawson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jenifer Lewis.

I absolutely loved it! I am not a person who cries or gets emotional in life or during movies but this one got to me. Part of why I wanted to see it so badly was because a doctor told me over the summer that she thought I had breast cancer. I told everyone I was fine. Looking back on those few weeks of endless dr's appointment, I think all I ever said was "I'm fine", "It will be fine" or "Its nothing" when really I was terrified. Lili's story really got to me because she did the same thing. You really do need people to lean on. I am stubborn and strong willed so I never told a soul I was scared but how can you not be when someone says they think you have cancer. After getting an ultrasound and running tests we found out it was a false alarm but ever since my ears perk up whenever breast cancer is mentioned. 

If you have a chance to watch it, please do! It's being re-aired all weekend so check the website. The stories are simple yet so moving. It isn't one of those super depressing or unrealistic lifetime movies. This felt like real life and I will be recommending it to everyone!

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