Saturday, November 19, 2011

My New Obsession

I picked up samples of Gatorade's Carb Energy Chews at the NYC marathon expo and love them. They will be part of their Pro Series as an additional Prime option. I used to use cliff blocks but these start to dissolve when you put them in your mouth and the flavor is great! I don't always fuel before long runs but these are more like eating candy yet give you the carbs you need.. Each sample pack came with 4 chews in the pouch and according to the nutrition facts one pouch has 120 calories and 31g of carbs. The front of the pouch, seen above, says 30g of carbs so I'm a little confused but either way they are good.

Now how do we get Gatorade to get them into stores? I've been searching for them online and it seems they haven't been distributed yet. I can say that the moment they come out I will be stocking up!

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