Sunday, November 13, 2011

Aerial Fitness

Last night I took my first trip to the JCC in Manhattan. They host a free for everybody fitness series on Satuday nights. This month they are offering Aerial Fitness classes. It was suppose to be Aerial Pilates but they had to make a last minute instructor change and it ended up being an adapted Jukari class. Jukari is an aerial class developed by Cirque de Sol and Reebok. Our instructor was fantastic and I really enjoyed the class! I was sore when I left the room and this morning I can still feel it. 

Here are a few pictures I was able to find online that show some of the things I tried. 

No Kim K was not in class but these are the types on moves we did. From this position we worked on biceps by pulling ourselves up to meet the bar. 

Who knew Adriana gave it a try.

These kicked by butt. No lie, I was hurting halfway through the set. 

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