Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Morning

I'm happy to report a fantastic 7.5 mile run last night. I'm in the middle of serving jury duty so when we were let out yesterday my legs we dying to get moving. I guess I picked the right career because man, I can't sit still all day!

Since it gets dark so early, I headed to the gym after dinner to get my sweat on while watching Monday Night Football. The place was packed! I guess everyone's trying to get themselves ready for seeing family and eating enormous amounts of food on Thanksgiving. I had to wait in line for a treadmill which never happens! This makes me more than a little terrified of what January and all those New Years Resolutions will be like.

I had to start out on an incredibly old, out dated, and kind of rough treadmill. I jogged a 2.25 warm up all the while monitoring the other section of newer treadmills to see if I could snag one. Luckily just before the game started everyone else seemed to leave so I made the switch an figured I get in another 3 or so to round out my usual 5 mile treadmill run. I was so into the game that my first mile at a race pace turned into 3 at race pace then since I was still feeling good I slowed it down a touch and finished another 2.

It felt great to be moving for the first time all day and it seems my hydration and eating today was just right. This was the first run since before the marathon that I wasn't light headed or nauseous. I hope I can duplicate my success again tonight. Although I don't have my Patriots to keep me going!

Quick Update. I emailed Gatorade and asked about the Carb Energy Chews from the earlier post. Here's what they told me:

"The Carb Energy Chews are not available just yet. The product is expected to be available in specialty stores (triathlon/bike/running) in February of 2012. Initially they will not be sold online."

Also, I just joined a few blog sites. Check me out on BlogHer, BlogLovin, and Bloggers.

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