Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back At It

I finally dragged my sorry behind back to the gym. It wasn't the greatest trip but man, it felt so good to sweat again.

I started in the treadmill aiming for 5 miles at a leisurely first day back at the gym pace. After the first mile I was feeling loose and ready for a bitter so I nudged up the pace a tiny bit and then everything went downhill. By the time the treadmill was showing 2 miles completed, I was so nauseous that I had to get off the treadmill and make my way to the bathroom. I didn't get sick but I certainly could have.

I tried getting back on the treadmill to get through the last 3 miles if my planned workout but after a minute of running I knew t wasn't smart.

That's where this guy came in:

I have tried this machine once before and remembered liking the arm buster option so I decided to go for it. 20 joyous minutes later, my arms felt like they'd done a little work and the glut kicker gave me a good burn. I was pleased that I'd actually challenged myself with the resistance as I tend to stay in a comfortable low effort zone on ellipiticals.

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