Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holiday Travel

I, along with most of the country, will be traveling this weekend. Luckily my flight is first thing tomorrow morning. Most people would hate this but I'm a morning person and would rather be up and out tomorrow instead of dealing with the craziness of tonight! Anyway, a friend of mine posted a great list of holiday travel tips of facebook and I thought I'd share it.

5 Things To Think About:
1. ALWAYS have your confirmation code accessible. Maybe in an email on your phone, but a paper backup is best. 
2. Expect them to loose or delay your luggage's arrival. Pack with that assumption.
3. They can't bump you from a flight against your will if you have a seat assigned. Get one as soon as you can. But don't freak out if you are 5 rows away from your traveling companion. You're on a 2 hour flight, not moving to Brazil. Enjoy the time away from each other while you can.
4. Check in online and print your boarding pass at home. Yes, you can do that even if you are checking bags. Can save you 30min in line.
5. Be nicer than they deserve. You couldn't PAY ME ENOUGH to work at an airport any day this week. You might just get the extra help you need by being firm, but really nice. 

I believe number 5 is the most important. I know travelling is not always easy but remember the people around you are just doing their job. How would you like it if people were constantly yelling at you in your office?

Safe travel and enjoy the time you have with your family. 

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