Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't be too hard on yourself

Why do people beat themselves up all the time? Im sitting here waiting to be called into a courtroom to serve my jury duty and a decided to sit on the floor against a wall in the hallway. A very well dressed older gentleman decided to do the same and came to sit next to me. As he was lowering himself to the floor on of his feet slipped slightly, do slight that even sitting a foot away I barely noticed. He immediately began muttering under his breath things like "graceful" "that looked good" "old man" and was shaking his head. On a slippery granite floor it's not surprising that we all slipped a bit but why did this man feel the need to beat himself up about it?

We all have our moments or days when things just aren't going right and we feel defeated. Why make it worse? The world is rough enough so why do we feel the need to make life harder?

I'm a pretty positive person but I know I also will point out and obsess over my own flaws or mistakes. I say things to myself that no one would ever be mean enough to say. I will berate myself for not running fast enough, long enough, for the way my clothes fit, or something I say that might come out awkward.

It's time to change this. Over the next month I will try to replace my negative self thoughts with more positive ones. I know I can't stop them from creeping into my head but for every negative one I will find two positive things in that moment to remind myself of.

Thank you to the man sitting next to me typing away on his iPad for inspiring me to make my holiday season brighter for myself!

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