Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Back Into It

These past few months have been busy and I can't seem to make time to blog. Along the same lines, I can't seem to stick with my Country Music Marathon Training Schedule. I've missed at least one run a week and when I took my bf home to Maine, I didn't run for an entire week. Let's just say that has to change asap!

I jumped back into running this week and lets just say I can't certainly feel everyone of those missed miles. I need to do better if I'm going to make PR which might be out of reach at this point. We're 8 weeks away from race day and I haven't completed a long run of more than 15 miles...not great but ok. I still have time so I haven't thrown in the towel just yet.

I know I can get on top of my training and now have two ways to keep myself going. This past Wednesday I was finally able to talk my bf into joining my gym. He's been saying for months that he wants to get back into working out and I was able to twist his arm just enough to get him through the door. It was great to walk to and from the gym with him and compare notes on how our respective workouts went. The other motivating piece to the puzzle and what might have been the reason he joined is the trip we just booked to Vegas and Cali. We'll be hoping on a plane in 5 weeks and meeting his friends from home in Vegas for a long weekend before heading to his hometown in Cali for a few days. That means bathing suit season is starting early so I have to hit those workouts!

Today's run is scheduled as a 13 mile long run but if I'm up for it, I may take it slightly longer to see where I'm at.

My next 30 days will consist of sticking to my schedule and blogging regularly.

Wish me luck!

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